Outpatient Diagnostic Assessment Director

Diagnosis, assessment, collaboration, and consultation of psychology referrals for testing, supervision of testing department

Seeking diagnostic assessor who is passionate about providing diagnosis, assessment, and feedback consultation to clients and families seeking psychiatric, psychological, and education-based assessments. Able to provide and supervise full battery of assessments including intelligence, achievement, projective, personality, and related testing. Focus on providing a comprehensive report that is accessible for clients, families, schools, and similar systems, and multiculturally sensitive to experiences of POC, trauma, and LGBTQ+ populations. Capable of providing feedback with consultation to clients, schools, and institutions. Skilled with multidisciplinary consultation and advocacy for client needs. Resourceful with recommendations and referrals for ancillary supports to client care. Organized, accountable, and capable of maintaining a testing caseload with efficient scoring, writing, and feedback turnaround. Management of tasks associated with clinical care records and consultations. Supervision, guidance, feedback, endorsement, and management of Aloe testing department, including assessors in educational training and independent practitioners. Testing materials, individual consultation on as-needed basis, and regular group case consultation provided. This is not a clinical hybrid position.

Licensure: Licensed Psychologist or Post-Doctoral Candidate for Full Licensure

Hours: Full-Time

Location: In-Person, Rochester Hills, MI (at least half-time)

Virtual/Work-from-Home (half-time or less)


Materials for Application Consideration

● Curriculum vitae

● Three references (within past 5 years)

● Sample diagnostic report written by applicant

○ Masked demographics and history

○ Presenting concerns and reason for referral

○ Assessments utilized with reasoning 

○ Description of feedback session goals, standards

○ Learning opportunities/growth edges


Preparation for position interview - sample questions

● Philosophy on testing and assessment

● Specific trainings

● Assessments most and least familiar with

● Notable experiences from the field

● Areas of growth or seeking further training for specialization

● Populations of least confidence or skills to work with

● Multicultural, anti-racism, LGBTQ+ philosophy

● What hours and training needs you have